Data Use Policy

Atlas Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as "Atlas") receives various form of personal information of users who use Confit Publication (Hereinafter referred to as "this service").

This policy is subject to change. Please refer to the latest version of the policy.

1.Information we receive and how it is used

1.1 User Information

"User Information" comprises personal information required when open an account and shared information with other users upon user’s choice.

Account Information

Upon new user registration, users are required to provide personal information such as name, profile picture, Email address, company/organization, sex or birth year.

Shared Information

The shared information among users includes attending schedules of users to certain sessions or speeches in a congress or an exhibition, as well as their bookmarks with “Like” and comments to the sessions and speeches. The information may be shared with other users with the users' names, profile pictures, company/organization, self-introduction, web site and SNS except when the host of the congress/exhibition decides not to allow those sharing.

1.2.Public Information

"Public Information" means open information to all users as listed below. However, it is not open in case when the host of the congress/exhibition decides not to allow the information to be open.

Schedules, bookmarks with “Like”, and comments

If a user bookmarks with “Like” or adds a session or a speech to his/her schedule, the information will be shared with other users.

Name, company/organization, profile pictures, self-introduction, web site and SNS

A list of names and profile pictures of users who bookmarked with “Like” , added to their schedule, or made some comments to a session/speech are shown in the session/speech’s page and is shared with others. If you select and click on a user on the list, you are brought to the user's personal page and can see his/her name, company/organization, profile pictures, self-introduction, web site, SNS, schedule and bookmarks with “Like”.

2.Account Closure

If you decided to stop using your account, you can close your account anytime. After you close your account, other users cannot see your personal information from sessions/speeches pages, however, your comments, bookmarks with “Like”, and schedules will remain in the site since the information is necessary for this service.

3.External links

This service includes many external links to web sites outside our service. However, we are not responsible or liable for the use of personal information on the sites. You are highly recommended to learn about privacy policies on the sites before you visit the sites from the links.

4.About the use of Cookies

This service uses Cookies to make our service usable as well as for user authentication.
Meanwhile, Cookies are also used in the sites outside our service which can be accessed via external links or advertising banners of sponsors in our site. In this case, Cookies shall be used in compliance with their policy stipulated by the administrator of the sites.